Game Rules

A Rune grants a number of spell points per day based on it’s level. These points can be used to cast any of the spells the Rune has ‘learned’. A Rune learns the spells in its associated domain.

Spell Points Per Day:

Rune Level Spell Points Spell Ability Score Exp to Unlock
1st 2 Domain Power 0 1000
2nd 4 1st 1 3000
3rd 7 2nd 1 6000
4th 11 3rd 2 10000
5th 16 4th 2 15000
6th 24 5th 3 21000
7th 33 6th 3 28000
8th 44 7th 4 34000
9th 56 8th 4 43000
10th 72 9th 5 53000

Spell Point Cost for Casting a Spell:

0 0
1st 1
2nd 3
3rd 5
4th 7
5th 9
6th 11
7th 13
8th 15
9th 17

At first level, a Rune gains the domain’s granted power, transferring that ability to it’s wielder. As the wielder gains XP, he may choose to transfer XP to the Rune to increase it’s power. Each time a rune gains a level, it is able to access the next level of Spell in the domain. So, at 2nd Level, a Rune gains access to the first level domain spell.

Runes come in two varieties: True Runes, and Chip Runes.
True Runes may level up to 10. They give a magic bonus equal to half their level to a stat, noted in their description.
Chip runes may only advance to level 5, and do not provide a bonus to any stats.
Both Chip Runes and True Runes grant their wielder access to a Cleric Domain, including the Domain special power. Beginning at level 1, a Rune wielder may cast the Level 1 Domain spell associated with the Rune. Elemental type Runes also grant the wielder resistance to their associated element equal to their level. (Ex = a 5th level fire rune grants 5 fire resistance.)

List of Runes:

Elemental Rune Group

Fire (STR)

Ice (WIL)

Wind (DEX)

Earth (CON)

Water (CHA)

Lightning Rune (DEX)

Gravity (INT)

Time – had it’s power sealed by the Tempus in Multiverse I.

Light (Positive energy) (STR)

Dark (Negative energy) (DEX)

Smoke -

Sand -

Shadow – Dominion over Shadows

Force -

Non-Elemental Runes

Day -

Night – possessed by one of the Lords of Necropolis. Used to shroud that world in permanent night. Highly sought by the Illithids.

White (shield) -

Black (sword) -

Mind – a rune which gives the bearer power over the minds of others. Last held by Moro.


Soul (Eater)


Kiba (Fang) – part of a set of animal runes, highly sought by martial artists.

Tsume (claw) – part of a set of animal runes, highly sought by martial artists.

Blade -

Tremor -

Magnetism -

Light -

Shadow – (Cha)

Known Rune Wielders:

Fontaine – Fontaine posseses 10 chip runes.

Haohmaru – Wielder of the Fire Rune.

Legion – Encountered once by the group, Legion is the name given to the man who bears the “King Rune”, one rune with the power of all the others.

Victus – Wielder of the Time Rune. Entrusted to Protect it by the Tempus

Gespenst – Wielder of the Shadow Rune. Given to him by Garm, in exchange for information, and the White Orb of Dragonkind.


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