Allistor – businessman and trader in the New Republic

Alspain – an elven sorcerer known as the White Cloak. Cardis’ mentor and enemy. Wields the White Rune. Four black diamond shaped crystals sit in his right hand, to keep the rune in line. Although he’s technically LN, he hates humans, and often takes a very heavy handed approach to ‘righting wrongs’.

Black – sentient rune, counterpart to White.

Blaise – evil Myriddon. Sith Lord.

Cardis – a former Red Wizard of Thay who specialized in shadow magic. During his tenure, he polymorphed himself into an elf to train under Alspain. When he left the Red Wizards, he took a Manshoon Cloning Tube with him.

Cronus – Leader of the Titans.

Dravis – one armed Jedi Master, survivor of the Jedi Purge.

Fontaine – rune wielder, hunts Legion.

Gavin – Child clone of Darth Vader, raised by Dravis.

Haohmaru – flame rune wielder

Jerakal – Psion. One of the Heroes who saved Arena during the God War.

Jeremiah – dwarven leader of the Arena Cartographic Society

Legion – King Rune wielder.

Locke – female Rhakshasa, formerly bound to Cardis’ service. (dungeon 106)

Marcus – founder of the Planar Cartographic Society.

Moro – female tiefling, jedi/monk. One of the Heroes who saved Arena during the God War.

The Silent Monk – A strange old man who spent most of his time standing on his head and rarely, if ever, spoke. He first taught her the way of the monk.

Morrison – gravity sword wielder

Myriddon – Helped save Arena during the God War, and became it’s protector.


Nara – Moro’s twin brother, redeemed Sith.

Outsider – A mysterious creature from the Far Plane.

Ravic – survivor of Raven Squad.

Shakel Volner – (deceased) “Brother” of Warren.

Shade Council – the evolved form of Shades, these humanoid beings work together towards a mysterious purpose.

Tempus – a title held by multiple wielders of the Time Rune.

Tobias Frost – first user of the Black Egg. (dungeon 106.)

Tyro – cleric of Pelor and Spellfire user.

Victus – a mechanoid from a technologically advanced world, locked in a war. One of the Heroes who saved Arena during the God War.

Vilar – Captain of an Imperial Star Destroyer. At one point, he persued the Heroes of Arena in to the Beta Galaxy.

Warren Volner -

White – a sentient rune, the counterpart to Black.

Zandro Mental- Admiral of the Mandalorian Privateer core of the Sith Empire on Jen


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