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Achievement Feats

Wealth Checks – D20 Modern System


Character Creation

Roll 4d6 for each attribute. Re-roll 1s, and count the highest 3 dice. After all stats have been rolled, you may re-roll your lowest stat.

Characters receive 1 feat at first level, and at odd character levels, and 2 attribute points every 4 levels..

Bonus XP

Characters may earn bonus XP in the following ways:
Journal Entries: Creating a journal entry on the Wiki will earn you (Current Level x 100) XP per entry. Entries can be made once per session, and must be at least 100 words long. In order to be eligable for this bonus, your Wiki based character sheet must be current.
Session Notes: Recording the session notes for a night earns one Hero Point.
Loot Monkey: Being designated “Loot Monkey” earns you one Hero Point at regular intervals, approx every other session.

Feats. Many Feats.

From time to time feats may be granted to represent a period of training or special knowledge your character should posses. These Feats are the result of GM Fiat. If, during the course of the game, you should come across any Feats that you believe you should already receive the benefits of (by virtue of your character’s background), bring it to the GM’s attention.

Force Powers

Force Powers work, for the most part, as presented in the Saga Edition books. In certain situations, the GM will need to determine whether a given attack will need to hit a targets AC or Ref Save, since the Saga system combines both in to one stat. (Specific instances will be recorded here later.)


Flux is a primal force of the universe… the leftover shards of Creation. Obtaining a shard of Flux allows a character to make use of several unique abilities.
Flux acts as a “super action point”, and allows the player to increase some numerical value once per session. The amount by which the value is increased is 1D6 by default, but the dice type increases as the player collects more Flux. (From 1d6 to 1d6 to 1d10, and so on.) Additionally, unlike action points, multiple uses of Flux can stack within a single round or action. Flux points can be given to characters as a standard action, which requires the giver to touch them. Flux can only be transffered once in a 24 hour period.
Flux can be used to:

  • add to damage.
  • add to all rolls, AC, and Saves for 1 round.
  • a single point can be used to automatically cause a critical hit for a single attack.
  • a single point can be used to maximize all damage dice.
  • a single point can be expended to restore 1 spell.

Further uses will be documented later.

House Rules

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