Heroes of Arena

The ‘Heroes of Arena’ is the title given to those champions who were directly responsible for ending the God War. A group of individuals responsible for single-handedly ending the God War by defeating Cronus.

The Heroes are:

Myriddon, a human mage.

Jerakal, a githyanki Psion.

Victus, a reploid soldier.

Moro, a tiefling monk and Jedi.

Warren Volner, a human who claimed to be from Marcus’s homeworld, Earth.

Tyro, a human Cleric with the power of Spellfire.

After the events of the God War, the Heroes separated.

Victus had been killed, sacrificing his life to destroy Cardis. He was given new life by the dying Tempus, and he became the new guardian of the Time Rune. With the Rune’s power all but expended, it was no longer a significant threat to the multiverse, but it still needed a custodian.

Jerakal wandered the planes, trying to find out where exactly Victus had gone after his resurrection. He has not been heard from for many years.

Moro began attending a Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, eventually becoming a teacher there.

Myriddon ascended to Godhood, becoming the Demigod Protector of Arena. His actions during the biggest battles of the war were rather flashy, and earned him a multitude of followers. Though he’s still considered a upstart by most of the pantheons, Arena had no other resident deities before him, so his position is still strong.

Warren Volner was revealed to be one of the Draconians, the Titan’s cloned soldiers. When he destroyed the technology that kept them alive, he chose to share their fate.

Heroes of Arena

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