Black Lodge

A group of sorcerers, occultists, and cultists twisted to dark purpose by the hand of Master Therion.

Kabal – Shadow Djinn, and Therion’s contact within the cult of the Shadowlord.
Aurulius – Therion’s right hand.

The Black Hats
Therion’s most powerful lieutenants, each a powerful sorcerer made even more dangerous with a gift of a ritual dagger made by Therion himself. The dagger allows them to cast much more powerful spells than they’d normally be able without sacrificing their own bodies… they can sacrifice others for that purpose with a dark ritual.

Visuvius – cultist of Cthulhu, master of Water.
Claudius – adherent of Ithaqua, master of Air.
Demek – master of Earth.
Salamander – master of fire, spy for Locke.
Aurulius – master of void.

Black Lodge

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