Arena Games

The Arena Games are the daily spectacles held in the enormous Colosseum in the center of Arena, from which it takes it’s name.

Funded by the Arena Council, the Games bring in fighters, mages, and magical beasts from every corner of the Multiverse. Some participants are sportsman fighting for honor or the chance at fame and wealth, others are criminals assigned to the games as punishment for their crimes. Regardless, the games never fail to turn out a huge crowd.

The Arena Games are overseen by the Arena Judges, who are also Arena’s sole form of government enforcement.

The Games are separated in to many tiers, and participants are ranked within each tier. Win a match, and your rank goes up. Lose, and your rank goes down. Promotion to a higher Tier can also be accomplished by virtue of your obvious superiority. If you are seen to be easily defeating the participants in Tier D, for example, you might be advanced to the bottom of Tier C… or even Tier B or A.

There are also separate “Exhibition” event holidays, where anyone off the street can face one of
the Games’ strongest participants in open combat… but without earning a rank.

Once every 10 years, the Games holds the Master of Arena tournament. At the end of this Grand Championship, one soul is christened the Master of Arena, inscribed with a magical tattoo to that effect, given access to the magical store-room of the Arena Council, and gifted a large cash prize. “Master of Arena” is the most coveted martial title in all the Multiverse, and anyone bearing the mark of the victor is a force to be reckoned with.

Arena Games

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