Desert Thorn

weapon (ranged)

While Desert Thorn appears to be a simple black iron revolver with rosewood stocks, the metal that makes up the weapon is much tougher than mundane iron. Thorn takes it’s name from the rose-thorn pattern inlaid in gold in it’s hexagonal barrel, which glows red when the gun’s wielder uses arcane spellcasting.

Desert Thorn 7 1d81 20/x4
Range Type Notes
20’ B/P +1; Touch AC 1st inc.

+1 Weapon

Character Level Attack Penalty Hit Point Loss Spell Slot Loss Legacy Item Ability
5 Deflection +1
6 2 1st
7 2 Lightning Bolt 1/day
8 -1 2nd
9 2
10 3rd Scorching Ray 1/day
11 Protection from Arrows DR 10 vs ranged weapons
12 4th
13 2 Weapon Enhancement +2
14 5th
15 2
16 6th Blur continuous effect
17 Weapon Enhancement +2
18 7th
19 2
20 8th Quicken Spell 3/day, no spell slot increase

Desert Thorn is thought to be on of the Four Guns of ancient legend.

Desert Thorn

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