The name taken by the bearers of the Time Rune. Granted extremely long lifespans by possessing the Rune, they were able to live out the history of every plane in the multiverse, becoming scholars beyond comparison. The Rune also allowed them to travel back and forth through time (but not in space).

Sworn not to interfere with the events of the past, and to protect the integrity of the timeline, the Tempus mostly just watched history unfold. They would often travel backwards (or forwards) in time to meet up with one another and trade information. However, during these meetings, a strange fact became clear… there was a date beyond which they could not travel.

After much research, it became clear that whatever unfolded was the end result of the God War, and the Tempus feared that their inability to travel beyond this ‘Dead Spot’ was the result of the complete destruction of the Multiverse.

At the end of the God War, Chronus stole the Time Rune from it’s youngest bearer, whose presence he had detected. He was defeated by the Heroes just before the opening of the portal to Gaia, and the Tempus used their combined powers to seal the Time Rune’s power forever. It was then taken from the dying Chronus, and given to Victus, who would become it’s guardian.


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