A Material Plane where the majority of the world is underwater. Aside from a single large continent, the majority of the landmass is a concentrated in several long island chains.

On Oceana, the world is ostensibly ruled by a single world government, which holds sway over smaller, local governments. But the presence of numerous powerful pirate lords is upsetting the status quo, and that conflict is building. It is likely that the plane will soon see an all out war between pirates and the government.

Noteworthy Locations:
Port Roger – the town where the legendary Pirate King, Iron Drakken, was brought after his capture by the Marines. He was publicly executed, after declaring to the world that his greatest treasure was still out there, hidden among the islands and seas.

Shatterhull Island – an island filled with zombie ogres and hags.

Dragonsport – capital and primary port city of Vodain.


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