Dreaming Earth

A strange world created by the powerful mage Marcus, as a replacement for his own long lost home. The exact process of it’s creation is unknown, though it is speculated that a Genesis spell was used.

Dreaming Earth resembles Earth in the 1920s, which is as Marcus dimly remembers it from his childhood. Some details are incorrect, however. The sun rises on the wrong side of the world, for one thing. The world’s history is largely the same as that of Earth’s, but there are some discrepancies.

Perhaps the most unusual aspect of the world is the entities that sleep beneath the world’s crust and within it’s oceans. Dark, dreaming elder Gods of unknown origin and terrible power.

In the Planar Cartographic Society’s first encounter with this world, the Heroes of Arena were sent on a scouting mission, in the hopes of finding the long lost Marcus.

Shortly after their arrival, the Dreaming Gods awoke, all at once, and enourmous holes began to open in the surface of the world. At night, thousands of hideous monsters poured out of the holes, scouring the world.

At the end, the Heroes escaped on a LeShay battleship, and the Dreaming Earth appeared to be lost, along with Marcus.

The Dreaming Earth has only recently been rediscovered through a door on the Infinite Staircase. The reason for it’s reappearance is as yet unexplained, as is the fact that it does not appear to have suffered the apocalyptic events reported by the Heroes.

The inhabitants of Dreaming Earth are highly xenophobic and distrustful. As such, the PCS has decided not to initiate trading protocols at this time, and has designated the world hazardous for non-human visitors. Human visitors should use caution, and avoid overt use of any magical, psyonic, or otherwise supernatural talents.

Dreaming Earth

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