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  • Korric

    Awake. Deep Breathe. Water. Drowning? What is happening to me? Sinking. I'm in a river. Must push to surface. Too much water in my lungs, not buoyant enough. Sinking. Can I swim? No time to think. I was sinking fast, my initial breathe removing whatever …

  • Garm

    Garm, assumed name for human form. True name unknown. Title: [Badass Overlord] Garm was the Overlord of one of the infinite layers of the Abyss. This meant that he was a demon of no small amount of power, having hundreds of vassals and an entire army …

  • Silil

    Outline *not finished yet* ~both parents still alive ~youngest of 4 ~two boys and one girl the girl is a full dragon and one boy is a full dragon while the other is a half dragon

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