Cursed dark sword

weapon (melee)

+1 bloodfeeding ghost touch mighty cleaving longsword
47000 GP

Bloodfeeding: Every time this weapon deals damage to a
creature with blood, it gains 1 blood point. When the
weapon has 5 blood points, it can deal an additional 1 point
of damage at the user’s behest (spending the blood points).
The weapon can store up to 50 blood points, allowing an
additional 10 points of damage, usable all at once or divided
up over a number of attacks.

Thinaun: This dark, glittering steel alloy holds an attraction
to souls recently released from their bodies. Obviously,
this has application for melee weapons. If a thinaun melee
weapon is touching a creature when it dies, that creature’s
soul is sucked into the weapon rather than passing on to its
final reward. The soul remains in the thinaun weapon until
the weapon is destroyed or another creature dies while touching
the thinaun weapon (the new soul displaces the old one).
Raise dead, resurrection, and similar spells won’t bring back a
creature whose soul is trapped by a thinaun weapon unless
the caster has the weapon in his possession. Because the soul
is nearby, fewer material components are required for such
spells: Reincarnation, raise dead, resurrection, and true resurrection
require half as much of the relevant material component
(unguents or diamonds) to cast if the soul is within a thinaun
A thinaun weapon captures a soul from anyone killed
while touching the weapon. This means that if the thinaun
weapon’s wielder dies, her weapon captures her soul.
Only melee weapons made primarily of metal can be
crafted as thinaun weapons.


Whenever Tyrfing is drawn from it’s sheathe (or used in combat), roll on the following tables to determine what disaster is unleashed.

Upon learning of the calamity, the wielder of Tyrfing immediately knows that drawing the cursed sword set the events in motion.

At the GMs discretion, the events may be delayed for a period of time, but sooner or later, they MUST happen.

1-25 | 1 Accident
26-50 | 1d3 Accidents
51-75 | 1 Disaster
76 – 80 | 1d3 Disasters
81 – 95 | 2 disasters plus Nation Shaking Event
96-100 | Plane Shaking Event

Accident Table:
See Critical Fumble deck. Roll for a Magic Result.

Disaster Table (All Save DCs = 22) unless otherwise noted:

  1. A malignant energy explodes from the sword as it is drawn. All creatures in a one mile radius with a size category of Small, with 4 HD or less, must make Fort save or instantly die. (This will mostly kill birds, frogs, and other small creatures, but not likely any monsters or characters)
  2. The dark blade’s thirst for carnage cannot be satiated. Wielder must make a DC 25 Will Save or become Frenzied for 1d10 rounds. During this time, he will attack the nearest target, friend or foe, to the best of his ability.
  3. Wielder is affected by the insanity spell.
  4. Necromantic Pulse: Any corpses within 1 mile of position of the sword are animated, as per the animate dead spell.
    To randomly determine how many animated skeletons this creates
  5. A rift of ruin opens beneath a random character within line-of-sight of the wielder. At the end of the spell, a bebelith is summoned.
  6. A subteranean gas pocket errupts, and all parties within 50 feet of where Tyrfing was drawn are affected as if by a mass suffocation spell.
  7. Severe storm, as per the control weather spell.
  8. earthquake
  9. cursed earth
  10. The wielder is affected by the destruction spell, Fort DC 22.
  11. Meteor Swarm, centered on the player’s position when the sword was drawn, in 1d4-1 rounds.
  12. Dark Clone – A duplicate with the opposite alignment of the wielder (as the spell clone) appears somewhere on the plane.
  13. Necromantic Summon – As the spell “Summon Greater Undead”

Nation Shaking Events Table:

  1. War of Succession
  2. Invasion
  3. Oppressive Rulers
  4. Evil Usurpers
  5. Civil Unrest
  6. Quick Natural Disasters (volcano, tsunami, tornado, fire)
  7. Slow Natural Disasters (drought, cold blast, blizzard, plague of locust, etc)
  8. Invasion
  9. Cultural Powder keg
  10. Sinister Forces
  11. Criminal Gangs
  12. Bandits, Brigands, and Pirates
  13. Planar/Elemental Rift
  14. Terrorists or other insurgents
  15. Machiavellian Politics
  16. Slavery
  17. Stolen National Treasure/Holy Icon
  18. Kidnapping
  19. Return of Rightful Ruler
  20. Old Evil Returned
  21. Necromancers/Demonoligists/Etc.

Plane Shaking Events Table:

  1. Zombie Plague Outbreak
  2. Demonic Incursion
  3. Shade / Nightmare Incursion
  4. Vampire Lord Rises
  5. Lich King Rises
  6. Orc Horde Rises
  7. Kaiju Rises
  8. Giant Invasion
  9. Chaosmen / Blackrock Incursion
  10. Technology Influx and World War
  11. Dragon Rage – All dragons on this sphere are affected as if by the frenzy effect. Permanently. High level healing magic, such as greater restoration, miracle, or wish spell can remove the effect on a particular dragon.
  12. A sort of Anti-Magic field blankets the sphere. The entire world is affected as if by spellscar for 1d4 years. Any uses of magic items or spell or spell-like abilities has a change to cause a primal event.
  13. Multiplanar Conflict (Blood Wars / Angels vs Demons / etc)
  14. Thoon
  15. 1d4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  16. Burning Hells Invasion
  17. Space Faring Society Invades (Sith, Dragonstar Empire, etc)
  18. Demonic Invasion
  19. Berserker Invasion
  20. Old Ones Awaken


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