The Guardian of the Time Rune


A reploid war hero from the technologically advanced world of PHX010.

Victus was one of thousands of the Alpha Series Soldier that were made to protect the humans of PHX010 during The Reploid Civil War. After years of proving himself on the battle field Victus was given an Advanced Power Suit and was the prototype Hyper Speed Accelerator by Doctor Wright. The Power Suit, held in a pocket dimension, could be summoned and piloted by Victus. The Suit was enormous and increased Victus’ strength almost ten fold. The Hyper Speed Accelerator was equipped to Victus like a belt and it allowed him a few times per day to achieve short bursts of blinding speed.

After leading a victory against the Reavers the Outsider appeared and warped Victus to the world of Necropolis where he was told that he had been conscripted and it was his destiny to help the other Heroes of Arena fight for the sake of the Multiverse.

During the assault on Cronus’ Command Carrier, the Heroes encountered a psionicly empowered Cardis, who seemed nearly immune to all attacks. The Heroes planned to use the ultimate power of the Annulus to destroy the creature, but it seemed they would all be killed before the artifact finished charging. Victus, using the strength granted by his power suit, grabbed Cardis out of the air and used his flight jets to propel the two away from the other Heroes. The pair punched through the hull of the ship, locked in a deadly suplex. The two plummeted from Orbit all the way to Arena’s Surface, it is assumed both died on impact.

After the remaining heroes defeated Chronus, the Tempus brought Victus back from death and made him the custodian of the locked Time Rune, to guard it until the End of Time.



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