Velamont Báthory

Vampire Vassal of Garm


Velamont Báthory, was the first and only free willed vampire sired by The Blood Countess, Elizabeth Báthory. The two of them gained great influence in Eastern Europe for 100 years, after the supposed defeat of Count Dracula at the hand of The Church.

However, Count Dracula returned, killed The Blood Countess, and claimed dominion over Europe. And as punishment ripped open a portal to the Abyss and sent Velamont spiraling down to suffer for eternity.

After spiraling in Chaos for a century Velamont landed on a deep plane of the Abyss. The blood-starved vampire driven near mad with rage, slaughtered and raised thousands of the denizens of the plane. Finally, the Overlord to be, Garm broke through Velamont’s ranks of undead and defeated the vampire in single combat. Garm, impressed by Velamont’s power and rage spared his life, but in return Velamont had to swear to serve as one of Garm’s vassels until his death. Velamont agreed knowing that with the help of the new Overlord, perhaps some day he could slay his sire’s murderer, and reclaim his true home on Dark Earth.

Velamont Báthory

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