The Man in Black


“Do you know why I like cards? It is because so many men assume them to be random. But you and I know that’s not true. In a deck, there are 52 cards, and their position in the deck is a function of how they are shuffled.
That may be ‘unpredictable’ for most men, but it is far from random.
People like you and I know that there is nothing random in the universe. Things that seem to be the result of random chance are merely being acted on by forces yet to be explained by our magic or science.”

“You and I know that there are more worlds that these…”


The Man in Black is a man of many faces.

He is a gunsligner, and a sorcerer. He is very powerful.
He often travels in the guise of a priest of The Lord or The Light, wearing a black cassock, and sometimes even performing dark miracles.
He enjoys taunting and encouraging those he sees as worthy adversaries, leading them along on a merry chase, and sets traps to test their mettle. He doesn’t attempt to overwhelm them, only challenge them, but should they die, it merely means they were unworthy of his attention, or that of the Red King.

The Man in Black

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