Previous Guardian of the Time Rune


The Tempus was the name taken by the wielder of the Time Rune. Rather than one being, the Tempus was, in fact, a group of people. Everyone who had, and ever would, posses the Time Rune, about 12 in all. The Time Rune extended the life of it’s wielder significantly, and allowed them to travel back and forth through time. At the end of Tempus’ long life, he found a “successor”, who took the Rune from him on his deathbed. The successor then began his journey as the Tempus, occasionally meeting with the others, including his mentor’s past self. A further power of the Rune allowed the Tempus to share memories between each other, preventing conversational problems. Using this power, the Tempus took on the role of historians, and became the stewards of time. Two conditions limited the Tempus in their studies, however. First, the Time Rune allowed them to travel back and forth in time, but kept them in the same place. Thus, they had to physically travel to a new location to record the events that took place there. Since they could jump forward and backward in time easily, however, they could travel to a place by whatever most convenient means existed in any time (often Arena’s Gate Network), and they simple travel forward or backward to the desired event. The second limit of the Time Runes power was that it could not transport a person to a time before it’s activation. For this reason, all the Tempus’ records on Gaia were second hand accounts, and even those were few. But most distressing of all was the fact that a point existed in time, from which no person could more forward. Any Tempus who attempted to simply “live” through that event never returned, leaving the Tempus to call it “The End of Time”. All that was known about The End of Time was that it took place in the last hours of the final battle of the God War. A Tempus had been sent to investigate, but never returned. Since that particular Tempus was the “youngest” of the Tempus, they dared not send another into an unknown situation. If a Tempus whose future self passed on a Rune died there, the resulting paradox would tear reality apart.

At the conclusion of the God War, The Tempus revealed themselves to thank the Heroes of Arena for saving the Multiverse. To repay the Heroes for their service the Tempus used all of their combined power to resurrect Victus, the fallen reploid who had given his life to kill Cardis. Since none of the Tempus belong in this new future and they all knew they would eventually die, they entrusted the Time Rune to Victus to hold until the end of time.


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