Founder of the PCS, Defender of Dreaming Earth


“Marcus” was the only name remember by a young man who found himself lost on Arena. He remember some details of his life on a planet he called “Earth”, but no one had ever heard of it.

The young man devoted his life to exploring and mapping the multiverse, trying to find his way home. In time, he became a wizard of legendary power, and formed the Planar Cartographic Society.

Marcus has not been seen in many years. A decade ago, during the God War, the Heroes of Arena attempted to find him in order to enlist his aid with the growing conflict. They eventually tracked him to the Dreaming Earth, but were followed there by Cronus. Marcus faced down the powerful immortal to buy the Heroes time to escape.

At the same moment as the Le’Shay and the Mage faced off, the dark, slumbering gods of Dreaming Earth awoke, and the world Marcus had made his home was shattered. Cronus’ ship, together with Marcus and the Titan, tumbled in to a vortex that led to the Dark Plane. The Heroes barely escaped.

After his final battle with Cronus, the Titan managed to escape aboard his Catherdral Ship, while Marcus fell deeper in to the Far Plane.

There, he was assailed by the infinite horrors of that place, and the Old Ones began to close in on him. At the same time, the Far Plane resumed it’s inevitable march towards the other planes of the multiverse, intending to swallow them all in time. Marcus only barely managed to find a way to save himself. In desperation, he remade the Dreaming Earth, but this time, he did not merely make a false world for him to live out his final years, populated with false people with false lives to keep him company.

This time, Marcus created a real world, a real place. And he built inside it a trap for the Old Ones. A prison made of time itself. Chains made of history, bars made of fact. A plane that was not a new creation at all, but one with billions of years of geological history, millions of years of evolution, and hundreds of thousands of years of human achievement.

And he sealed them with it.

The Great Old Ones did come to the Dreaming Earth, but millions or billions of years earlier than they meant to. And there they did war with the Elder Things, and in time were trapped or banished by the history Marcus had imagined. One by one, the horrors of the Far Plane that came to the Dreaming Earth found themselves bound or trapped there, and then Marcus slammed shut the final lock, a Planar Gate like those built by the Titans, powered by his very life force.

Marcus sacrificed the last of his power to create an eternal barrier which would halt the progress of the Far Plane, and prevent it from reaching it. Or, perhaps just as important, to prevent the multiverse from reaching the Dreaming Earth, and by extension, the Far Plane. For as long as the lock remained shut, the Dreaming Earth would be comparatively safe, and the multiverse along with it.

But Marcus had missed a crack in his hasty construction. And in that crack there was a shadow… a shadow with his name, and his face.

By using the borrowed history of his native plane to create a trap for the Old Gods, Marcus had inadvertantly created a copy of himself, as well. But where Marcus had fallen through a crack in the world to become the most powerful mage in the multiverse, “Dreaming Marcus” fell through a crack into the Far Plane, and became corrupted and suffused with it’s alien powers.

This being, taking the name of Master Therion, is unaware of Marcus’ existence, or the true nature of the Dreaming Earth, and nor would he likely care. Having obtained all the power he believes he can, he now seeks only his own satisfaction. And what satisfies him is destruction, carnage and death. He created the organization called the Black Lodge to serve his dark purposes, and managed to crack the lock Marcus had so careful created from within… just enough to allow access to the Shadow Plane. And from that crack, the Cult of the Shadowlord arrived, and now they intend to open the door wide, not truly understanding (or caring) of the consequences.

Marcus saw some of this with the flickering remains of his power from his place within the lock in Antarctica. He needed to do something to stop the Black Lodge, and the Cult, and Master Therion, but lacked the power to intervene himself…

And then, they arrived…
And they just might be his only hope.


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