Head of the Planar Cartographic Society.


When the arch-mage Marcus left Arena to find his long lost home, he left the Planar Cartographic Society (PCS) in the care of one of his closest allies, a young dwarf named Jerimiah.

Jerimiah heads the PCS now, wielding it’s resources and agents in the cause of universal good. The PCS’ stated goal is to map and explore the Multiverse, to facilitate trade between worlds wherever possible. An unstated goal of the PCS is for it’s more powerful agents to act as a stabilizing influence on the worlds… wandering bands of adventurers have more than once been outfitted by the PCS in an attempt to avert some catastrophe.

During the [God War], Jerimiah was responsible for introducing the Heroes to Arena. He guided them in their quest to find Marcus, and defeat the God Slayer Cronus. It was Jerimiah who petitioned the Arena Council to aide the Heroes in reaching the Dreaming Earth, and it was also he who provided them with their faithful ally, Guide.

Since the end of the God War, Arena has seen a decade of peace. With the aide of the nascent god Myriddon, the PCS has flourished. It’s coffers, once near empty, are now nearly overflowing. It’s stocks of magical items and travelling supplies sufficient to outfit a small army. And good that it is so… for across the planes Apocalypse has been encroaching once again, and the agents of the PCS may be the planes best hope…


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