Psion, Bearer of the Annulus


A Psionic Githzerai, and one of the Heroes. Raised in the chaotic plane of Limbo, Jerakal was trained from birth in the ways of the Psion.

Jerakal is always accompanied by his psionic crystal, Skeets. Skeets is a fragment of Jerakal’s personality which assists him in focusing his psychic powers, while at the same time remaining one of Jerakal’s few close companions.

He and a handful of other githzerai had been selected from a young age for their exceptional talents in manifesting psionic abilities. Placed in a special monastary, he and his fellow students trained for years to perfect their abilities for what his master described to him as “The Coming Battle”.

While the other students in the monastary were all powerful psions, Jerakal was far and away the most talented of them all, quiet and reserved, he would spend countless hours in deep meditation, striving to achieve ever-higher levels of psionic mastery.

He and Victus were both selected by the Outsider to aid the other Heroes in the attack on Castle Schwartzvald.

After the events of the God War, he disappeared to help rid the Multiverse of the Illithid race.

He currently possesses the Annulus.



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