Darth Sadis

Member of the Dark Council


A tall, powerfully built, black skinned Zabrak, Darth Sadis’ face is painted with a white, skull pattern motif.


Darth Sadis is a Dark Lord of the Sith Empire, and a member of the Dark Council. This marks him as one of the most powerful and influential Sith Lords of his era.

After an altercation with the young Mandalorian pirate Captain Tarkus, an Imperial Privateer, Sadis slew Tarkus’ brother. Using an arcade firearm he had discovered in his travels, Tarkus attacked Sadis, and managed to escape the Sith Lord’s wrath. Disfigured by the attack, Sadis is obsessed with redressing the insult dealt to him by the Mandalorian, and with discovering the source of Tarkus’ unusual power.

From the bridge of the Imperial Star Destroyer Dominator, he pursues Tarkus across the multiverse.

Darth Sadis

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