Drow Imperialist


The drow calling himself Nad’dar is a member of a technologically advanced society of unknown origin. He first made an appearence at the 11th hour of an orc invasion of the Kingdom of Vanis. From a ship high in orbit, he destroyed the invading horde, then flew down to the capital city with a strike team, overwhelmed the kingdom’s defenders, and forced the King to capitulate.

Nad’dar was in the middle of explaining the new rules of society to the people of Vanis when he detected Korric looking at him. He ordered his men to capture the robotic assassin, and so Korric and his allies fled to the Infinite Staircase. Since then, Nad’dar has pursued Korric and his allies, even following them to Armageddon.

As Korric’s memories returned, he realized that Captain Nad’dar was a member of the Dragon Star Empire’s Imperial Navy, and that his reasons for hunting the Fated may have had something to do with Korric’s history. It seems that at some point in the past, Korric, and the other members of Raven Squad, had slain a great number of Drow, in an attempt to quash a rebellion. Nad’dar may well be a survivor of that time, and now, as a member of the Red Emperor’s Elite Guard, he seeks Korric’s destruction.


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