The twin brother of Moro, Nara was raised in the Sith Empire in the Beta Galaxy, before discovering a portal to Arena. Little is known about his early years, but it is believed that he did not entirely embrace the Sith philosophy.

At some point during his travels, Nara discovered his origins: that he (and his long lost sister) were the offspring of a powerful fiend name Levistus, one of the Lords of the Nine Hells.

Seeking to reunite with his sister and free their father from his icy prison, Nara sought a means of tracking a single soul in the wide expanse of the multiverse. This is how he came in to contact with Cardis. In exchange for Nara’s unique Force skills and natural abilities, Cardis agreed to help Nara find Moro, and to help the twins free their father. Unknown to Nara, Cardis had already met Moro, and was in fact one of her greatest enemies.

For a time, Cardis managed to turn Nara against his sister, but eventually the tiefling saw through his deceptions, and aided his sister and her allies in the final battle of the God War on Arena.


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