Dark Sorcerer


Cardis is the name of a powerful magician who has plauged the multiverse for years. During the God War, he was often spotted using the destruction of entire worlds to his benefit, taking advantage of the chaos to secure a multitude of magical treasures.

Cardis was born on Toril. A one time member of the Zhentarim Mages, Cardis left their organization after discovering the secrets of Manshoon’s cloning ability. Unlike Manshoon, however, he modified the technique to allow for the multiple clones to be active at once, and worked together with them to expand their mutual power. With their combined sorcerous abilities, it was relatively simple for them to establish a base in the Shadow Plane, from which they would launch “expeditions” into various other worlds.

These “Cardasi” would typically act alone, or with groups of hirelings, but no more than a single Cardis was ever seen on a single plane at a time. Whether this was a security measure, a means to keeping his clone nature a secret, or because they didn’t get along is unknown.

While each “Cardasi” had extensive training as a Shadow Mage, many of them would train in other disciplines after leaving the Shadow Tower. Often, it is through these unique experiences that they would differentiate themselves from ‘the pack’. Most would select a plane (or planet) and make that their ‘territory’ in the eyes of the others, and then learn the area’s unique spells or talents.

Cardis set himself up with a fortress secluded in the Shadow Plane. From this outpost, he began travelling out in to the various worlds of the Multiverse in search of magical items and spells to further increase his power. This goal first brought him in to conflict with the Heroes of Arena when he tried to abduct the fledgling cleric Tyro in order to steal the Spellfire.

During the course of the God War, Cardis plagued the heroes, often showing up to attempt to secure the Spellfire from Tyro, or to steal some magical artifact of unique power. At one point, he succeeded in stealing the “Black Egg” out from under the heroes.

Final cardis

During a confrontation with the Heroes beneath Castle Schwartzvald, Jerakal used a magical artifact to implant psionic ability in to one of the Cardasi (the plural form of Cardis), severing his connection to his spellcasting ability. This clone retreated, changed by the encounter. This Psionic Cardis soon expanded his new talents, and discovered the ability to absorb another of the clones into himself, thus stealing their abilities. The first time this was done, it allowed him to regain most of his sorcery, and the new memories of the clone. Soon, the Psionic Cardis was hunting down and absorbing all of the others, effectively destroying the massive network of extremely powerful mages. The end result was a being of such psionic and magical power that it was nearly a God.

In the final confrontation with the Titan fleet above Arena, this creature – dubbed Final Cardis (shown left) – appeared to challenge the Heroes. Practically immune to most of their physical, magical, and psionic attacks, he was the most dangerous foe they faced. He was finally defeated when Victus used the full capabilities of his Power Suit to grab Cardis out of the air, and send them both plummeting to the ground, miles below. This manuever cost the valiant reploid his life, but destroyed Cardis, once and for all.



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