Captain of the Mourning Star


Allistor was a Alderaanian smuggler from the Galactic Empire. He was, for a time, a shipmate and ally of the Heroes of Arena.

Allistor was the Captain of the Mourning Star, a ship that was impounded by the Empire aboard one of their Star Destroyers. The very ISD that the Heroes found themselves captured by shortly after emerging in the Galactic Empire.

After meeting his fellow captives in the brig, Allistor agreed to help them make good their escape. After doing so, he offered to share with them a portion of his profits from a lucrative business opportunity, if they would assist him in securing his claim.

Allistor had accidentally discovered a gas giant on the fringes of the Unknown Regions rich in Tibanna gas, a prime component of hyperdrive coolant and blaster energy. Sadly, the find wouldn’t do him much good on it’s own… the Empire would simply seize the asset were he to try to sell it through legal channels. That left him with one option, selling it to the Rebel Alliance. And to do that, he’d need to make contacts with some dangerous people… and he’d feel better with some skilled allies watching his back.

Eventually, the deal went through, and the Rebels took control of the planet, paying Allistor a hefty finders fee. The Heroes and Allistor eventually parted ways when they went to pursue their comrade Myriddon to the Beta Galaxy.


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