Arena Judges


The Arena Judges are the powerful keepers of order on Arena, and the overseers of the Arena Games.

Answerable only to the Arena Council, the Judges will intervene to end a fight that is not supposed to be to the death when a clear victor has been determined. Outside the Games, they will step in to take control of or fight off any threats to Arena’s stability, often erring on the side of caution with respects to unauthorized arrivals.

Imposing figures clad in black armor, the Judges are powerful combatants, and they often operate in squads of four or more.

As Arena’s sole police and military force, one might thing that the Judges are overworked. They are not. It is unknown from where the Arena Council recruits it’s Judges, or even what they look like under the masks. One theory states that they might be constructs, or powerful outsiders, but no one knows for certain. What is known is that the Judges rarely speak, and keep the peace of Arena in place with an iron-gloved fist.

Only once in the Arena’s 500 year history have the Judges been overmatched. During the final battle of the God War, when Cronus laid siege to Arena, four Imperial Star Destroyers came seeking the Heroes of Arena. And a sizable demonic incursion took advantage of the chaos to try to secure the city for their own. And while the Judges did not hesitate to join battle with these myriad groups, they were simply outnumbered, and surrounded on all sides. If it were not for the intervention of the Heroes and their allies, Arena might well have been lost.

Arena Judges

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