Captain of the ISD Devastator


Torin Vilar was the Captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer “Devastator”. While on patrol for rebel activity in the mid-rim, the Devastator detected a previously unknown type of spatial anomaly. Upon investigating, a ship was seen exiting a “tunnel in space”. Vilar ordered the small craft be tractored aboard, and it’s inhabitants interrogated about the unusual spatial rift.

This ship was the Sojurn, Marcus’ ship, and the one that the Heroes of Arena had used to escape the apparent destruction of the Dreaming Earth. The Heroes were interrogated, but eventually escaped, making their way back to their ship. With the help of Allistor, they blasted their way out of the Devastator’s launch bay, and dropped a quantum singularity mine (the last one remaining aboard the Sojurn) to destroy the Indomitable, the Devastator’s sister ship, and damaging the Devastator too badly for Vilar to give chase.

Upon conferring with Imperial High Command, Vilar’s command was reinforced with a contingent of elite forces… special operations troops and a cadre of Force Sensative Inquisitors. His new mission was to track down this ship and it’s strange occupants, determine the source of the powers and advanced technology, and acquire it for the Empire at all costs.

Vilar chased the Heroes all across his Galaxy, before following them through a wormhole in the Hoth system. Once in the Beta Galaxy, he continued to track them, before losing them completely when they made a plane shift.


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