King of the Titans


Cronus was the leader of the Le’Shay at the dawn of history.

After they were cast from their homeland by the gods of men, Cronus became their King in Exile. Vowing revenge on those who banished his people and slew his wife, Cronus began formulating a plan that would take millennium to come to fruition. Eventually, the conflict born of his quest for revenge came to be called the God War.

Cronus’ ultimate goal was to return his people to Gaia, and to exact his revenge upon the gods that had wronged them. In the end, after he took a mortal wound from the Heroes of Arena he did open a portal to Gaia, only to discover it was an empty, blasted wasteland.

His final moment was one of defeat, and ultimate despair.

His chief lieutenants, Hyperion and Oceanus, took his body to be buried in Gaia’s cracked brown earth.



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