Myriddon's Dark Half


“Blaise” was the name taken by the Hero Myriddon after an encounter with the Book of Vile Darkness turned him evil.

After leaving his former allies for dead and stranded on a derelict dreadnought, the sorcerer calling himself Myriddon stole the Mourning Star and began exploring the Galactic Empire, hoping to find even greater sources of dark power.

His quest led him to Korriban, and the the tomb of the Sith Lord Marka Ragnos. There, he obtained an amulet that allowed the ancient Sith’s spirit to partially inhabit his body, investing him with even greater power. Using Ragnos’ knowledge of the past, he traveled to Bimmiel and raised a Sith Warship, using his spells to repair the ship and operate it with the help of a Phantom Crew. He then plotted a course to the Hoth Asteroid Field, and a portal that would lead he and Ragnos to the Sith Empire in the Beta Galaxy.

All the while, Blaise was pursued by his former allies, determined to put a stop to his evil before he could bring devastation to the multiverse. They finally caught up with him on a desert planet in the Beta Galaxy, but unknown to them, Blaise had laid a trap for them.

They confronted Blaise and several Sith Acolytes he had brought with him from the Sith Empire. Eventually, the Heroes slew the Sith, destroyed Marka Ragnos’ amulet, and managed to cast a “Redemption” spell on Blaise. It was only when Moro intercepted what would have been a fatal blow meant for Blaise, however, that Myriddon managed to regain control of his mind and return to his senses.

Blaise appeared again years later, this time wholly within Myriddon’s mind. At the moment the Mage ascended to quasi-deification, Blaise appeared before him, and the two had a confrontation that would determine the very nature of the sort of God Myriddon would become. Would he dedicate himself to helping others and be a force for good? Or would his selfish instincts and desire for power overtake him, molding him into a selfish, tyrannical god?

Ultimately, Myriddon chose to turn his back on his darker nature, and Blaise was left locked within the nascent god’s mind, screaming with incoherent rage, desperate not to be ignored.


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